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The Trademark License can be your Company Logo, Name, etc that can represent and distinguish your company from others. It is a unique Logo that also represents your company brand to the consumers and most of the consumers identify the company by their Logos or Trademark License.

What is meant by Brand Registration or Brand Name Registration?

The Brand Registration or Brand Name Registration is an important process that avoids the other business to copy your Logo or Brand Name. There can be four steps to create your Brand Registration and are:-

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First Step

It is the step in which the online domain registration is done. And a unique brand name and web hosting are taken. This step allows you to make your business online.

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Second Step

Here the brand name is registered with the Business Registration.

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Third Step

In this step, the online Brand Name or Logo is registered and the Trademark Registration is done.

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Fourth Step

It is the important step of Copyright Registration which will act as a Patent and will avoid the duplication of your Logo or Brand Name.

Importance of Trademark Registration in India:

Trademark Registration contains all the processes of Logo Registration and Brand Registration which allows creating a unique brand entity that can be represented among the consumers. So it is necessary to create an identity among the Indian consumers to scale the business and expand it. Here are some of the benefits of Trademark Registration:

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What is the process of Trademark Registration?

  • Consult us online on our email or you can also call on our customer care number +91 95290 76777.
  • Email your Document on our mail
  • Make the Payment Online.
  • Get Your Certificate online on your mail and the Hardcopy of your certificate will be delivered to your given address.

What are the types of Trademark Symbols and where it should be used?

The businesses should know about the trademarks and their usage so that they put it legally on their products. The various symbols such as (©), (®), (™) are used in order to represent that it is a protected entity.

(“™”) & TM

A Trademark can be a Logo, Name of the company or a word used by an individual to represent their company. The symbol is used with your brand name if your Trade Registration is in a pending state. The “™” is a Trademark symbol that should be used to represent goods and SM is a Servicemark that can be used to represent the services the business offers.

® - Registered mark

The ® symbols represent that a Trademark already exists and it is protected. It allows a brand entity to stay unique and if used by any other person then the individual having the rights over the Trademark can sue the opponent for using the existed trademark symbol.

© - Copyright

The © symbol is used to represent that the work is copyrighted and it can be used for a limited period of time. The copyright is a right which is used in many countries that help the individuals for their unique work to be copyrighted.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration





From where you can do a Patent Search?

The patent can be done through the link and it does not need money to search for a patent. You can see the numerous classification of the Patents of the given webpage and you should select the category which suits to your business or organization. There can be various categories as followed below:

Trademark Objection, Renewal, Assignment

A trademark is any unique expression related to a product or service that distinguishes it from other. It can be a brand name, logo, slogan, even a sound or smell. It can be bought, sold, transferred or renewed.

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Trademark Objection

The Intellectual Property department has an objection against most brand names. All you need is lawyers to respond to this objection within 30 days.

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Trademark Renewal

Trademarks have a validity of 10 yea Once this time is up, they need to be renewed. If you do not renew the trademark, the IP department will eventually strike it off the register.

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Trademark Assignment

Before transferring trademark rights to another party, an agreement must be signed and registered.



What is a trademark?

A trademark is essentially a characteristic of your brand. It could be your brand name, your brand’s logo, or even your brand’s slogan. For example, 'Nike', the ‘Swoosh’, or the slogan ‘Just Do It’. In some cases, the brand’s name and logo are combined into one, as in the case of BMW, or Coca-Cola. That is called a Logo Composite Mark..


Who owns a trademark?

A trademark grants you commercial rights to sell a particular brand name in a certain sector of the economy. There are 45 sectors and each sector is called a class. For instance, Class 28 refers to Toys, Games, and Sports. So if you want to protect your toy brand, you need to make an application under Class 28 and get exclusive commercial rights, to sell your brand of toys under that class..


Is my trademark available?

If you have a certain brand name, or a logo, or a slogan in mind, we can do a trademark search for you. A simple way to do this yourself, is to just go online to the internet and check if there is a similar company with a similar name to yours, on the internet. You should also check if the domain name of your brand is available or not..


What if the trademark is taken?

No need to worry. If your trademark brand name is taken, you can prepare a Logo Composite Mark by combining your logo and your name, and apply as one. This is a common strategy used to apply for a trademark, even if the trade name itself has been taken..


What do I need to provide?

You need to give us a signed letter, allowing us to apply for your trademark. This is called an Authorization Letter. Once an Authorization Letter has been received, we prepare your documents, make the application for you online, and pay the necessary trademark fees. Almost instantly, you get a confirmation of the application and you can start using the ™ symbol next to your name..


How long does it take?

The trademark registration application process is done almost instantly. It can be done within a few hours of you giving us your Authorization Letter. The Government, after we make the application, takes 18 to 24 months, to confirm the registration and give you the confirmed Registration Certificate for your trademark. You can then use the ® symbol next to your name..


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