Franchise With Ease

You determine the scale of the franchise coverage yourself - a country, a region, a city; the cost of a given territory will depend on it. The implementation of the sales plan in your region guarantees the right to exclusive.

The amount of royalty depends on the selected region and the number of people in that region.

Making you Franchise Ready.


Is your business ready ?

Not Every Business Is Ready For Franchising – Most Of Them Aren’t Even Suited For This Model. So Before Venturing This Path, Run Things Through Different Parameters To Make Sure Yours Is An Establishment That’s Ready To Take A Giant Leap Ahead. Do A Thorough Market Research, Understand The Pros And Cons Of This Model, Look At Your Finances, And Then Prepare For The Big Change.


Get familiar with the legal formalities.

Adapting To The Franchising Model Includes A Wide Range Of Legal Juggernauts, Right From Registration To Following The Country’s Various Regulations. While You Can Hire Professionals For Assistance, You Must Also Get Yourself Familiar With The Entire Legal Paperwork Process.


Time to make some important decisions

There’s A Wide Range Of Important Decisions That You Are To Make In This Step. Consider Your Own Goals And Preference And Then Prepare The Terms Of Your Franchise Agreement. Decide On The Geographical Area You Want To Cover, What Will Be The Royalty Percentage, The Marketing Strategy For Your Franchise And What Kind Of Training Will You Offer The Franchisees. Take A 360 Look, Factor Everything And Keep An Eye On Small Details.


Register as a franchisor.

Now That All Is Done And Planned, It’s Time To Move Forward With Definite Actions. Get Together With The Experts And Create The Required Paperwork. Register Your Establishment As A Franchisor.


Build a team that will attaract investors

When You’re On The Journey To Create Something Very Big, You Need A Strong And Reliable Team Of Like-Minded People—There’s No Other Option. This Is Possibly The Most Important And Difficult Part. Attracting Prospects And Selling The Franchises.


Help Franchisee to grow thier business.

If You’re Planning To Sustain Your Business For Long, It Is Imperative That To Have An Excellent Support System For The Franchisees. Get Them Familiar With The Products And Other Aspects Of Your Business Through The Right Training. Assist Them In Getting Started And Offer Them A Pleasant Experience By Addressing Their Problems And Helping Them Grow With Rich Resources.


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Multiple Source of Revenue

The Franchisors Enjoy Multiple And Newer Revenue Streams, Including Franchise Royalty Fees, Franchise Fees, Training Fees, Sales Of Promotional Items, Rebates From Suppliers, And Fees From Services Provided To Franchisees.

Easy brand expension

Easy brand Expension

With Franchisees Handling The Promotional And Selling End, The Companies Enjoy Easy Brand Expansion With The Least Of Efforts. While They Steer The Bigger Picture, The Franchises Help Them Attain Their Short Term Goals.

new location

Reach to New Locations

With This Model, For Example, A Company Dominating The Scene In Johannesburg Can Enter Into The Indian Market With Much Ease And Efficiency. Meaning, Brands Can Enter New And Distant Markets Through Franchises, Easily And Quickly.

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Large Manpower Access

Although Franchises Act Independently, But They Are A Part Of Franchisors’ Teams. This Means, The Company Enjoys Access To A Much Larger And, At Many Instances, Much Qualified Manpower Who Bring Their Own Expertise To The Table.

Big Profits

Big Profits

When All The Dots Are Connected To Each Other, The Larger Part Of The Picture Is That The Franchisors (And Even Franchises) End Up Making Big Returns From Their Efforts And Strategies In A Relatively Shorter Time Perio

Benefits to Franchisor

PHP Service Less Capital Requirements

When Compared To Other Setups And Growth Methods, Franchising Requires Much Less Capital. Backed By Franchisor, Franchisee Enjoys Initial Training, Brand Goodwill, And On-Going Support, Which Combines To Reduce The Hefty Cost And Make This Undertaking Much Less Costly Than Kictstarting An Independent Company.

What We Offer?

Industries as diverse as healthcare, banking and real estate have continued to embrace blockchain technology, Crewman Solution has made it a priority to remain on the cutting edge of its advancement which can encourage you to reach out to us.

Dedicated Project Manager

Franchisee Model for Your Business

Review Of Your Existing Franchise Business Strategy And Recommendation On Strategy To Make A Big Difference In The Success Of Your Business. Our Experienced Multi Talented Team Is Here To Steer You In The Right Direction.

Handle Tight Deadline

Legal Agreements

The Franchise Agreement Is The Legal Agreement That Creates A Franchise Relationship Between A Franchisor And A Franchisee.At Franchise Alpha, Our Team Of Legal Consultants Have Years Of Experience And So Understand Exactly What Needs To Go Into A Franchise Agreement To Ensure It Is Legally Sound And Fit For Purpose.

Technical Proficiency

Marketing Kits

Redesigning Of Franchise Marketing Kits To Put Your Best Foot Forward And Present A Compelling Case For Your Franchise Opportunity. When Done Well, It Builds Credibility And Makes Your Opportunity Stand Out From The Rest.

Explicit Approach

Training to your staff

Franchisors Can Be Better Positioned To Help Their Franchise System And Give Franchisees The Knowledge To Improve Their Individual Businesses. This Can Help Guarantee That Performance Across The System Is Raised And That All Franchisees Are Independent And Working Effectively.

Advanced Toolkit

ERP Toolkits

At Crewman, we will provide you the right ERP to handle the billing and accounting to manage the franchisee,

Moderate Pricing

Operation Strategy

At Crewman, We have Incredible Comprehension Of Your Business – As A Component Of Our Assessment Procedure, We Invest Time With You, At Your Business Area, Looking At All Aspects Of Your Business To Decide Your Practicality And Give Us The Information We Have To Write A Great Operations Manual Documentation.

Coding Maestros

TM Services

We have some extraordinary talent in our workforce who are considered the best in the market. They know how to deliver an error-free project in a stipulated time frame.


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